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Tradition Product-Only Portfolio Update 10_20_15-3

“Minnesota wines, and store shelves, improving mightily”!!!

-Bill Ward, Star Tribune

Minnesota wines, and store shelves, improving mightily
  “When it comes to the Minnesota wine scene, the news is all good.

 -local shelves have been augmented beautifully with new brands, thanks to intrepid wholesalers large and small.

 — a slew of new brands are popping up, thanks in part to some new, smaller distributors. Some of them have focused on ferreting out small domestic wineries in unexpected places; others look for those using unexpected grapes or boasting unexpected (read: Old World) flavor/texture profiles.

At Tradition Wine & Spirits, Michael Kuperman has homed in on the wineriess featured in Jon Bonné’s “The New California Wines,” such as Knez, Ground Effect, Mark Herold and Donkey & Goat. Tradition also provides some otherworldly pinot noirs from Drew Family and splendid value-priced whites from Dancing Coyote.”

 -Bill Ward, Star Tribune

Tradition Product-Only Portfolio Update 04_02_15