“Spring Hill Vineyard”

Sonoma Coast, CA - 191 Cases Bottled 

Spring Hill Ranch and Vineyard/Sonoma Coast

The vineyard is a west-facing hillside, sandy loam site. Tucked between Petaluma and the northern tip of Point Reyes. Right in the center of the Petalum Gap, it is cool and windy during the growing season. It is so windy, leaf pulling in the fruit zone isn’t necessary; the wind shreds the canopy enough to get dappled light on the fruit.



“Letster Family Vineyard”

Santa Cruz Mountains, CA  - 57 Cases Bottled 

Lester Family Vineyard/Santa Cruz Mountains

The Pinot Noir vines are planted on a sandy loam hillside bordered by redwoods.

Sustainable viticultural practices include no herbicide use, careful canopy management that allows for air flow and dappled light on the fruit as well as minimal late season deficit irrigation, cover crops and no till floor management.

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